Thesis Printing & Binding

Thesis Printing & Binding
  • Soft bound theses take a minimum of 2 – 3 hours to complete
  • Hard bound theses will be ready 4 hours after you order
  • Can be printed on the highest quality material
  • Can be printed and hard or soft bound
  • Can be delivered nationwide in 2-3 days


Thesis printing doesn't have to be a stressful experience. At Reads we understand that, for better or worse, our clients require high-quality print and binding jobs at the last minute. Our excellent track record of delivering makes us a favourite option for thesis printing for students from Trinity, UCD and DIT. Collect instore or have it delivered to your door. We do on-the-spot printing and binding that you can trust, even at the last minute. We will do our upmost to accommodate those in a rush. We offer greatly discounted rates for Thesis Printing and Binding. We offer a variety of soft and hard binding options. All soft binding includes a clear cover and a backing card, which is available in black, white, blue, green and red. Thermal strips are available in black, white, blue, green and red; wires are available in black or silver and spirals are available in black. Our NEW hard binding service with gold lettering is the best value in Dublin and can be completed on the same day. Please Note: The maximum number of 100gsm sheets of paper that can be bound in a single book is as follows: hard binding 282 sheets; spiral binding 370 sheets; wire binding 280 sheets & thermal binding 270 sheets. If you have more than the max pages for your binding type please select 2 or more books per thesis. Thank you.


Black & White

Prices not include VAT @23%

On 100g Paper Price Per Page
Single Sided 10c
Double Sided 10c (per side)


Prices not include VAT @23%

On 100g Paper Price Per Page
Single Sided 25c
Double Sided 25c (per side)


Prices not include VAT @23%

No. of Pages Spiral (Max 370pg) Wire (Max 180pg) Thermal (Max 270pg) Hard (Max 282pg)
Up to 50 €5.00 €7.00 €8.00 just €25.00
from 51 to 100 €6.00 €7.00 €8.00 just €25.00
From 101 to 200 €7.00 --- €8.00 just €25.00
From 201 to 300 €10.00 --- €8.00 just €25.00
Up to 370 €12.00
370 Pages Max Per Book
180 Pages Max Per Book
270 Pages Max Per Book
282 Pages Max Per Book

Hard Binding

Prices not include VAT @23%

We guarantee our 4 hour service at all times but the majority of books are printed and bound even faster, most in as little as 2 hours, at no extra cost to you. If you’re worried about an urgent submission, just contact us. There's no appointment needed; just come in to our 2 C Grangegorman Lower store or email over your PDF when you're ready to go.

1 book 2 books 3+ books
€33.00 each €30.00 each €28.00 each

These prices are for binding only in our standard leatherette covers. If required by your college, we can also bind with a buckram material for 10% extra. Please see below for our printing prices.

Soft Binding

Prices not include VAT @23%

We offer a wide range of soft binds with gold embossed covers. These can be done on their own in about 2 hours (€18.00 each) or with a discount if you're also getting hard bound copies (€14.00 each).

Soft Bind
€18.00 each

We also do soft binding with clear covers, starting at €5.00. These can be done while you wait.

Soft binding is available on books of up to about 370 pages. If you’re concerned about the size of your book, feel free to contact us about it.

These prices are for binding only. Please see below for our printing prices.


Prices not include VAT @23%

We can also provide the printing of your thesis. We always print on high quality 100gsm white paper. You will need to have your file in PDF format. For assistance with converting your file. You can give your PDF to us on a USB key, or through email.

Black & White Colour
€0.10 pp €0.30 pp

Please note that any page with colour will be considered a colour print as standard. This includes pages with coloured text, such as headings or URLs. You can reduce your printing price by making sure that all of your text is black before saving your final PDF.

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