Banners with eyelets

Banners with eyelets

High quality PVC banner printing services in Dublin!

We use Roland eco-solvent large format printer for our outdoor water resistant banners that ensures highest print quality on the market today.

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440 gsm PVC banner material can be used indoor and outdoor.

Banner edges are hemmed and strengthened with eyelets that also helps install banner using a rope or zip ties.

We print standard and custom size banners up to 1,2 x 6m size.

Standard size banner prices:

Size (cm)Price
60×120 (2ft x 4ft)€20
90×240 (3ft x 8ft)€50
120×240 (4ft x 8ft)€60
90×300 (3ft x 10ft)€60
120×300 (4ft x 10ft)€80
120×600 (4ft x 20ft)€160

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