File requirements

Accepted file formats:

  • Adobe Photoshop – PSD (Hi-res)
  • JPG / JPEG (Hi-res)
  • PNG
  • PDF

We will reject artwork that:

  • Does not have a 3mm bleed
  • Is showing crop marks
  • Is in an unaccepted colour profile
  • Is not in the correct proportions
  • Is missing images (linked or embedded)
  • Does not have outlined fonts
  • Has an inappropriate or confusing filename
  • Is protected by a password
  • Is not an appropriate hi-res file

We suggest setting your artwork up at the following sizes and resolutions:

  • 100% scale at 150 dpi
  • 50% scale at 300 dpi
  • 25% scale at 600 dpi
  • 10% scale at 1000 dpi

Crop, Grommet Marks, Bleed and Setting Up Cut To Shape Graphics

Please ensure that bleed is added to the edge of your print file. We require 3mm bleed when the document is setup at 100% scale. If the document is 50% scale then please set the bleed to 1.5mm, at 25% scale 0.75mm and at 10% scale 0.3mm bleed. Please do not add crop marks to your file. If your artwork is for a banner then please set your document size to the visible size of the banner + 3mm bleed, we will add the hem area. We will also add any grommet marks for the eyelets if these are required. Eyelets are equally spaced at roughly 500mm intervals unless otherwise stated by you in the upload artwork notes field. Cut to shape artwork – create a new layer above the artwork layer. Create the shape with a stroke in Illustrator on this layer. Create a new spot colour, unique in the document, you could use Magenta, and make the colour name CutContour. Please note the uppercase ‘C’ letters in CutContour are required. Please ensure the stroke has the overprint stroke option selected in the attributes palette.


Our printers convert all colours to CMYK. To ensure your print comes out the correct colour please make sure your document colour mode is set to CMYK. If the colour mode is set to RGB our printers will interpret this and automatically convert it to CMYK, which usually causes a slight shift. Pantone colours are supported by our system. Our printer still generates the colour from CMYK however the colours are usually very close. Please set Pantone colours as spot colours- these will be recognised by the printer software. If you have a job that is very colour sensitive, we will require a hard copy to match it to. Colour matching and samples will be charged for separately- we will contact you to discuss your exact requirements beforehand.

Text and Effects

Please convert all text to curves/outlines or alternatively embed the fonts. For transparencies, drop shadows and complex gradients, please flatten where possible as it is common for these effects to cause issues and can result in the print being different than expected.

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